We foster a high-performing, accountable and service-oriented ethos throughout the organization


The management team at DCC Maritime is equipped with unrivalled seaborne transportation and logistics expertise. We hire, retain and develop strong talent with broad industry knowledge and extensive skills, giving our clients access to a sophisticated team of maritime professionals.

Corporate Governance

  • In all our business dealings we are committed to upholding the highest standards of corporate governance amongst our officers, directors, employees, agents and affiliates, as well as ensuring compliance with industry specific legislation.
  • We take the stewardship of our shareholders’ assets extremely seriously and work tirelessly towards maintaining and advancing shareholder value and maximize human-centered development.
  • We are determined to maintain a corporate culture of accountability, probity and openness in all our business transactions.
  • We strive to provide superior protection to all our stakeholders by continuously improving our systems of internal controls.
  • We instil financial discipline and controls throughout the organization and constantly promote an environment of timely disclosure, high transparency, visibility and predictability of results.

Constantino Halkias is the founder and president of DCC Maritime Ltd, a company he established in 2011. Mr. Halkias has more than 15 years of experience in the shipping industry and has been instrumental in directing the strategic expansion of the Company.

Under Mr. Halkias’ leadership, DCC Maritime Ltd has grown into a prominent global freight operator and has concluded multiple fixtures both in the dry and wet sectors. In 2001, Mr. Halkias joined his family’s shipping business and having progressed through the ranks he became Group CEO in 2012. From 1999-2001, Mr. Halkias was an Operations Executive at Southern Cross Shipping & Logistics in New Orleans, USA.

Mr. Halkias holds a BA/MA in International Relations from American University Washington DC. Mr. Halkias has successfully concluded the Maritime Auditor/Lead Auditor coursefrom the Warshaw Maritime Center and the Company Security Officer course from Bureau Veritas.