We deliver improved operational metrics to our clients

We are a global maritime corporation

We tailor our services to meet the individual needs of our clients. We value client feedback and work tirelessly towards adjusting the range and scope of our work until we have accomplished a perfect fit.

Commercial Management

DCC provides a comprehensive range of commercial management services to third party tanker and dry bulk owners. The company offers chartering and full commercial management, technical supervision, real-time reporting and project development services. We don’t follow a fit for all approach, but we adjust the range and scope of our services to match the needs of each individual client.

We achieve this by promoting close integration and tight co-ordination among senior teams and across organizational boundaries, automating processes where possible to secure efficiency gains and benchmarking our core business systems against “best-in-class” regardless of industry in order to attain operational excellence, best in industry performance and achieve high customer satisfaction

Dry Freight Operator

We provide global seaborne transportation services for bulk, break bulk and project cargo shipments on chartered-in tonnage. Our cargo base portfolio comprises a wide range of commodities including coal, aggregates, minerals, grains, cement, steels, concentrates and fertilizers. Through volume shipments, cargo combinations, route consolidation and ballast leg reduction we aim to meet and exceed our clients’ ocean cargo criteria and deliver reliable, timely and cost effective transportation services.

Individual Projects

We work tirelessly towards deal origination and adopt a contrarian approach to all shipping investments, seeking out opportunities in places where the market overstates risk and understates prospects of returning to profitability. We propose these stand-alone opportunities – which normally fall outside the scope of our commercial management mandate – to our clients for evaluation.

We believe in giving our clients equal access to these opportunities. Our aim is not to increase the size of our commercially managed fleet, but to establish strong alliances with our clients that will help them meet their long-term strategic objectives